'International flanerie in the 21st century
-completing the picture'


participant list - interviews, photographs and mental maps

Dominic Hislop and Miklos Erhardt met and worked with around 30 migrants (from Bangladesh, Bosnia, China, Congo, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Kenya, Kurdistan, Moldova, Morocco, Nigeria, Romania, Senegal, Sierre Leone, Somalia, Tunisia, Yugoslavia) who had recently arrived in Turin. Through a series of dialogues, we asked each participant to sketch a 'mental map', illustrating how they perceive and experience the city, then gave each a camera to illustrate their maps with photographs.

An installation of maps, photographs and texts was made (see pictures above).

This website presents:

• an
interactive composite mental map of Torino (shockwave download is required)
all the mental maps, photographs and comments by the participants.

Thanks to all the participants for their trust and generosity:
Akinyi (Kenya), Cosmin (Romania), Dalena (Romania), Emmanuel (Democratic Republic of Congo), Evelyn (Nigeria), Gringo (Roma/Bosnia), Ismael (Somalia), James (Nigeria), Jefferson (Democratic Republic of Congo), Larry (Sierra Leone), Li (China), Lidia (Moldova), Luke (Nigeria), Mariana (Ecuador), Mergjan (Roma/Bosnia), Mirella (Romania), Mahmoud (Morocco), Mohammed (Bangladesh), Mohamed (Morocco), Mustapha (Morocco), Nali (Kurdistan), Oleg (Moldova/Russia), Papa Lo (Senegal), Prince Will (Sierra Leone), Rachid (Morocco), Robdu (Ethiopia), Robert (Romania), Stefano (Roma/Yugoslavia), Stephen (Nigeria), Valter (Roma/Italy), Yasine (Tunisia)

Thanks to the following organisations for their help:
Ass. Diafa Al Maghreb, Ass. La Tenda, a.titolo, Boa Urban Mobile, Casa del Mondo Unito, Centro Franz Fanon, Chinese Culture Club, CICSENE, Cooperativa Senza Frontiere, CTP - Via Bologna, From the Nile Culture Club, Centro Sociale Bligny 18, The Gate, ISI, Kirkuk kaffe, Parrocchia San Luca, Petra, Ufficio dei Nomadi, Ufficio Stranieri, Scuola Parini, Sermig.

Thanks also to:
Omi, Teresa, Judit, Maria and everyone who helped.

Click on image to view movie clip of installation (.mov file - 5.6MB)