So, this was taken in via Gottardo, where it crosses with via Bologna. I live in via Gottardo, near the Italian Red Cross. This is a small market where they sell vegetables, everything. I just wanted to show this, do you see? It's not fixed, it's not fixed in the soil. It's a strange way of attatching it, to chain it to a tree. Such a strange thing. If it falls down and someone's there, they'll die. That's why I took this photo.


Then, it's via Bologna again, this is a school for children.
A Nursery school?
Yes. There are people, foreigners but Italians, too, that drink beer and say, 'let's go and do something stupid'. But here, there are children in the garden and it's not good if they see it. In fact, something was written on this wall, that wasn't okay.
So, there was some graffiti here?
Yes, but you can't see it anymore because it's been taken off.
What did the graffiti say?
I don't remember anymore, I've forgotten.
Oh, come on.
Yes, yes.
But it would be important to know.
So, it was something, you know, about foreigners that's not good, so someone, a Moroccan, got rid of it.
Do you know who that Moroccan is?
Was it you?
(laughs) No, no, my uncle did it. My uncle lives near here. There was this graffiti, kind of 'foreigners are not good for Italy', stuff like that, about foreigners. They mean people from Africa, Moroccans, etc., but here in Italy we're all Moroccans, even if you are Romanian. So, anyway, my uncle got rid of it, because, you know, children play here, and the first thing they see is something like this. So they learn it, then grow up like this, become teenagers, adults, and the world is just not good like that.

3 4

It's beautiful.
(laughs) Yes, it's beautiful! I made a mistake, I just took it because I had forgotten the thing... so, I didn't mean to take this photo. But the next one is the same, the same trees. Just because, because the thing I don't like with marocchini, is that they do this job.
Washing windscreens?
Yes. But this isn't a real job. Because the client says 'no, I don't want you to wash my windscreen'. But they wash it anyway. They say no, then he starts anyway: ' just give me something for food'. it's always like that, 'I'm hungry'. Because I always look normal, a decent man. but I work in the Cinema Doria. Do you know where the Doria is? It's in via Roma, via Gramsci. (Looks at the map) Oh, It's not on the map. Anyway, I'm the barman at the cinema. So, I always look smart and Moroccans can't tell if I'm a Moroccan too, or an Italian. They say to me 'I'm hungry, I don't have food, I don't have anything'. Then I say 'What do you want me to do about it?'. They say, 'Give me thousand Liras, I don't have any money to eat', so it makes a bad impresson of Moroccans, it really does. 'No money, no nothing', he says. 'So, what should I do? Should I give you thousand liras?' ,'Yes, yes'. One time, I didn't have thousand, only a five thousand note. 'Can you give me four thousand back?', I asked. Yes, yes, I can do it. Then, why did you tell me that you didn't have any money? This is a true story, it happened in via Roma. I don't like this thing, because, you know, there are people who've got a residence permit but just they've done this kind of work before so they just don't want to do anything else, like a normal job. I don't really understand why they do it, it just gives a bad impression.
You took it from far away?


And this one? The same thing?
So. This is a break. (Laughs) 'So, let's all take a break, sit down' (laughs). Five or six of them.
These very small people in the background?
Yes, yes. 'Let's sit down to eat', the other group goes to work. They are organised. What a strange thing (laughs). There's always someone working there. Even at night. The colder it is, like when the snow comes, the better, because the windscreens are frozen. This kind of work doesn't exist in Morocco because if the police find someone doing it in Morocco, they arrest them. I don't know how they thought of doing this kind of work here. I was in France in 2001, in a beautiful town, and this kind of work doesn't exist there. Only in Italy, I don't know why. I'm Moroccan, they are Moroccan too, but I just don't like this kind of thing.

More interview and pictures to be uploaded...