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My friend took these ones for me. It's near the Giovanni Bosco Hospital. Near the car park.
Is that you?
Do you always sleep there?
So, I've lived in this car park for two years. Normally I stay there during the day, helping people to park their cars. The other week the police brought me in saying that I had stolen the car that I've been sleeping in, that had been there since who knows when.
Do you always stay in the same car?
I change cars because they take them away, then I have to find another. Because I don't have a flat, don't have a job to pay the rent. I haven't had a residence permit for years now. I had it before. I was in jail. Then they took my permit away. I haven't been able to find any work, so I live in the car park. Is this the same car as in the last picture,
And the next one?
Yes, the same car. In the fourth photo too.
Do the police come often to...?
They know me, in fact. Normally, there's no problem.
Have these cars been dumped there?
Yes, they've been left there. Could be cars stolen by someone, then just left there.


This is the bathroom. (laughs) A flat and a bathroom.


This is the same fountain. It's near the telephone boxes.


From the car park I go to Via Verdi, through Via Bologna, Piazza Castello, because I have to show up every Tuesday and Friday at the police station, because they took away my residency permit.
But they still don't expell you from the country?
They don't, they let me go back to the street to die. In these times, death has been walking near to me. Seven people died this winter in the street, some of them because of alcohol, others because of hunger, of cold. What do you do in other days? On Sundays I go with the No. 50 bus to the park near to the Po, near to Auchan. There's always party time, Romanians bring food, they cook in the park, you can play football too.