I see a lot of people going to this place. I see a lot of tourists here looking at this place. It must be significant for sightseeing, something interesting. I can't speak Italian well, so I can't ask local people to find out what things like this are.


Porta Nuova is where I first arrived when I came to Torino.


Where had you come from?
A place about two hours from here where I arrived in Italy. I took a train here because some people I met said that there's a lot of blacks in Torino.
How did you come to leave Nigeria?
I didn't plan to come to Italy, just when I left Nigeria. I had to flee from my country and I got smuggled on a cargo ship that was coming here. It would have beeen better for me to be in Britain because of the language, because I don't know the language here and it's very difficult to get a job without Italian.
Which part of Nigeria are you from?
I'm from the south.
I thought that the conflict was in the north between the Muslims and Christians?
There's not only problems in the north, there's always conflicts all over Nigeria. You don't read so much about it because Nigeria is such a huge country. You can read more about conflicts in smaller African countries like Sierre Leone, or Liberia because they have smaller populations, so if thousands of people die it's more likely to be reported as it's a large percentage of the population. But Nigeria has a population of 150 million so nobody notices if one million die in conflicts. In Nigeria, one area can be in conlict whilst the neighbouring area is in peace, and doesn't really notice what's going on there.
What led to you leaving?
My life was in danger. I lost my Father. I lost my sister too. There was a large oil spill near my village which destroyed the rivers and agricultural land around. My father, who was the village chief was accused of taking money that was given by the government as compensation to the villagers and the villagers killed him. Then they started to look for me because they thought that I had this money, but there was no money, so I had to flee.
Did you have to pay to come to Europe?
I had to pay something, around $500 dollars.
How long was the journey?
About one month. I was hidden in the engine room or something like that. fortunately, the cabin crew were kind to me. They gave me bread and any left overs to eat. It was a very terrible time and I don't like to remember it.


This is the number 18 tram. This was the first tram I took when I got here. Before I came here, I'd never seen a tram.


This is the Foreigners office. It's where I go to try to see if they can help me to find any accommodation or to help with the documents for my permission to stay.


This is Porta Palazzo it's where you can buy food, clothes and all kinds of other things. It's quite a cheap market. I do some work here every day selling telephone credit cards for mobile phones. I don't have any money and as I can't find any other work, I need to do something. I go out to the big shopping mall, ďAuchan' where it's cheaper to buy some 5 Euro cards, then, then sell them for 50 cents extra. I don't sell much, only one today so far, but usually I can sell about 5.


This is the first Catholic church that I found when I came to Torino.


This is a wall near Porta Palazzo. It's a big painting. I think it's a great work by a great artist.