I took this one, because it reminds me of my country, also because it's written in Russian, the way I write, because I miss my country, I miss this kind of writing, everything. I really miss it, thatās why I liked it so much.
Do you want to go back sometime?
I can't now. Later...
Do you know this association?
Yes, we went in and found out what they do. There's also a bar downstairs where you can eat Russian food, they sing in Russian, everything's in Russian, it's beautiful.


I took this because of the ice rink. At home we don't have these kind of ice rinks, we have lakes that freeze and all the kids go to skate on their shoes, there're no real skates, you skate on your shoes, it reminds me so much to the times when I was a child and went to skate there... on my shoes. Here nobody skates in the daytime, only in the evenings.


The next one, there's this big church, very beautiful but I don't know what you call it, you can see, as in my town where in the centre there's a long street, and even there you can only see the upper part of it, the tower.
What your town is called?
My town? Kagul. It's in the south of Moldavia.


I took this one because there is, if I'm correct, what is it called? the museum of cinema. You can't see it, and, if you go straight ahead here, there's the place where I used to live three months ago, with a family.


This is the Russian church, all the Russians go here. The mass is in Russian, in Italian and in Romanian. There's a priest who speaks Russian and Romanian. I went there and took this photo because this is my language, my heart... I go to the mass only on Sundays.


I like this church a lot, I went there many times even with the girls to see the graves of the Savoyan Kings, they are behind here. After all, I like it as a place, it's very nice.


This is the same church, the front gate, there are these stairs, very beautiful, but once I fell down and hit my head against these stairs. I slipped 'cos I had high heels on (laughs).


I took this because of the two dogs up there, you can hardly see them, and this wall covered in grass and bushes is beautiful, and the dogs are the same as the dogs I had at home.


In the next one there's the monument to the Turin football squad who died in a plane crash.
Why did you take the photo?
Well, I'm not a fan, just, I liked it, that's why...


Here, this field is the same kind as in my country, I mean because there's a field where I used to go when I was a child, with my grandmother's sheep. I went there with the sheep and they ate on the field.


This is the church we go to. It's near to the place where we live now and we always go to mass there. That's why I took it. I like it.


This is a 'Crai' where we buy food, useful things. It's near to the church.


Also this one, the tobacco shop where I used to buy cigarettes but I stopped smoking recently, so these are things, places we see everyday.


It's inside the Chiesa della Salute where I used to go to sing before Christmas. There's also the photo that shows the Chiesa from outside and more photos from behind. I used to go to sing in the choir, I only sang in the church once.
Don't you sing anymore?
No, not now, because the husband of a woman I went to sing with became very ill, he's in hospital now, so I can't go to see the family anymore.