I left Bosnia with my family during the war. This is the camp where I lived when I first arrived.
A camp for refugees?
No, it's not an official camp, just a place to live and put your stuff.


This is the one that we lived in. My father and brother built it. All of my family came to Italy - my Mother, Father, 4 brothers and 4 sisters and we all lived here for 7 years.
Did you like it there?
This place was really nice but I prefer it now that we live in a home. We have a flat in block of social housing and gave this to a friend.


This is one of the houses in the camp, the same as where my brother was living. My brother helped his friend to build it.


This is a bar for the camp. It's run by an Italian who doesn't live on the camp.


I took this when it was snowing, because I like the snow a lot.


My brothers sell these caravans. The house was built by my brothers. They use it as an office.


I like this tree a lot.


This is in the street where I take the tram. I took it because I like it, not because of any religious reasons.


This is the fish market. I like fish but I couldn't eat all of these kinds of fish. I just liked the look of them so I took this photo.


This is the hairdresser that I go to to get my hair cut. They do a good job. I liked that you can see the arch in the mirror where my friend is having his haircut.


I took this one in the Christmas shop window because there's one, two Santas then you can see my friend reflected in the glass.


Because of the train, because I like it. I went there with my friend to play then took a photo after.


There's no real reason, just I thought it was beautiful, the train and the fountain. I was at a school near here 6 years ago and at that time I used to come to this park to play.


This was a church and a youth club where I went to play bowling and table football when I was younger. It's not just for Catholics but for everyone. The sign says 'Come Jesus - Hope of the World'.


This is a restaurant near my home. I like to go there sometimes to eat. they serve Italian food.


This is a place near the school that my brothers and sisters go to. The school is here at the back. But I took it because I like that tree.


This donkey lives in a garden near my house. Sometimes the owner lets me have a ride on it.