I took this photo because it reminds me of so many things...
What kind of things?
(laughing) Things about this place. There were days... when I was there almost every day. That's why I took this photo. It's called Via Grattoni but I don't know where it is on the map. That's the police station, near Porta Susa.


I took this because every day... there wasn't a week when I wouldn't be taken somewhere in a police car, or carabinieri or something like. Sure they all knew me (the carabinieri) because I haven't only been on the street in Turin, in the three years, since I've been in Italy, I've been walking the streets in so many places, even outside Turin, I've worked almost everywhere in Italy.
For how long?
For nearly two years.


I took this Nativity crib because it was here that on Sundays when we finished working, I took the bus home. I couldn't get a lift, so I took the no.5 bus near here, behind, so I always passed this Nativity crib and it reminds me of things that aren't so pleasant.
Is this a permanent Nativity crib?
Yes, it's always there.
Could you tell about the unpleasant thing that this reminds you of?


I went to this bar, to this nite club when... because I had to go in the morning, I left in the morning and was there until the night fell on public holidays, I went to this bar to eat and to drink. It's the same place, Piazza Solferino, the Nativity crib is here.


I took this photo, because in the summer when I was in a group (protected group), we always went out here with the girls, to Piazza Castello, so we always went to this place, to this zone and this is why I took this photo and also because I used to live here, near Piazza Castello.
Was that with the group?
No, the group where I've been living til now, is far away.


I took it because I was there in this building, too.
What's in this building?
I think it's the police headquarters or something like that but it's also a police station, or carabinieri, I've been in there, and when they let me out, it was always a big relief. I've been in almost all the police stations, because... because...


When I came to Italy the first time, in the first days, the first week when I arrived in '99, I went to, they brought me in this zone because I was with a guy I didn't like that much and it was him that brought me here, there are the discotheques downstairs, the bars...
That's near to the river Po?
Yes, the Murazzi...
And how did you come to Italy?
(laughs) I came to Italy with a passport, everything, but I didn't cross the border into Italy legally...
How old were you when you?
I arrived in '99. I was 14 years old and one month


This is the same thing, Via Po.


Here, near Superga, there are the bars that are open on Sunday afternoons and when I worked there two years ago, a year ago, I always went to this bar, walked around this church on public holydays, we always went there, on Mount Superga. The Superga is also a basilica.


Well, I think there's a restaurant here, I can't remember well. And once, because I also used to drive a car, I crashed straight into this tree. I had turned my head because there were people in the car behind me and they wouldn't leave me alone, then...


I took this because 'Buone Feste' (Happy celebrations) is written here. I only took 'feste', because I could only get one word in the photo. I just liked it. It's on the Superga.


I took this photo because a voluntary worker who often comes to visit our group, lives in this area. I get along with this woman very well. Sometimes me and Lidia go with her, to her place, we eat there, stay the whole day, something like that, then go home. I couldn't take it from closer because we had to go to other places, too and there wasn't time.