This is Corso San Maurizio. If you still go to Corso San Maurizio you can see those lights because in Torino, they still believe in angels, you know. These are angels. It was very nice but very dark.
Are you a Catholic?
Not at all. I don't have really an official religion but I believe and pray sometimes. But I live in a city where people believe in angels.


This is a meeting at my estate, a meeting about redevelopment. I took it because most of the time, all these are Europeans and when I go to the meetings, I often find that I am the only foreigner. Foreigner from Africa, woman...
And, you know, they start to talk about all the dog shit on the street., They invited me to give them my point of view. I told them that I'm very sorry, I come from another country, I can't understand your relationship with the dogs, I don't understand why don't you have babies instead of dogs, you know. I can't give comments because my point of view is that dogs should stay in their place, you know, like in my country in Africa, the dogs don't come in the house, the dogs stay out, you don't cook for the dog, the dog goes to look for food, you know. So I was telling them that and they said 'ah, we know who doesn't like dogs' and I said 'I like dogs', but they stay at their post.
What other questions was the meeting about?
They want it to become redeveloped to a European level, you know and it's also to give help to people who are a bit left behind in society, people who don't have a job qualification, who only know how to do some manual work. So they help to send them to schools. Also they are talking about redeveloping the estate because it's very degraded. Everybody's there, hoping that something will happen to their estate, to their houses or to their building, you know.


In the last years the city is always breaking down and they're building things they're building walls, and this is the wall near the Sinagogue in Via Sant Anselmo, but it's so ugly and it doesn't save or solve anything - I don't know for what reason they're doing this, and you can see there's dust in the air because they're still breaking down places, but the city is still very grey and boring but they're still building, building but nothing changes. Things just remain the same.


This is racism actually because I didn't take this picture of the street but, I took this picture of outside my door. Because I clean every other day and there's somebody who really hates me and brings their dog to pee all the time, so every time I have to clean the shit of the dog and the urine. Dog piss, or maybe human piss, I don't know who does this pissing. This is because Turin is very racist.


This picture, I just took it because I had to take a picture of the new styles that are being introduced in Torino. I wasn't supposed to take this one, I went to ask first in another shop which is nearby. I asked them if I could take a picture, they sent me away in a really bad way, you know. But they have very good photos of hairstyles from Africa, but when they sent me away I went to my friend, she has the same shop, with a bit less beautiful hair design, so I thought it's okay for me and she let me take the photo. Both shops are run by Africans. It's a pity 'cos the other one had very nice window displays. I took this one is in Via Sant Anselmo.


This is the place where I go to eat some Moroccan food. This is a Moroccan prayer mat, with pizzas on it. This is in Via Bidone. It's typical. I go there to eat, 'cos there's no Kenyan resturant.


Hahaha! You don't know what I wanted to take here. I wanted to take the police because they appeared first in the mirror that I had thrown away and i thought that even the police would be better just to be thrown away. Because the police are there all the time, but as I was taking it they were really looking at me, like 'what does she want to do?', so I said, okay, then I'm gonna take the tower that was very nice, too.


This is the view I see every time when I come home. I thought: Mamma Mia, I came from very far, you know? And i arrived in Milano then took a train to come to Torino, because I had to come to Torino and these are the tracks that I used to come to Torino on. And now here I am again, living next to the tracks, but now I look at it through the fence - then I said to myself, Mamma mia, I didn't know when I was coming that I came to be in a prison. I mean, I could leave, but I can't leave all these things (shows around her) alone.


This is my travel agency where I go to book my flight when I have to travel, so I give them a lot of money and nothing changes, the wall is just the same. They earn a lot of money so they could develop themselves. The shop is opposite my shop. I don't really like to go far away to arrange my things because when I have to travel, I go very far, so if I can get my ticket near here, I can go very far away with it.


My good neighbour. She doesn't give me peace in my house. This time she wasn't on the balcony, okay, I thought, this time maybe I can steal something from her. Because anything of mine that falls down to her balcony - you know I'm not very careful - I never get it back. She's stolen my best T-shirt this way. So I used the camera to steal something from her: an image.


This is when the mirror broke. What happened is that I was cleaning the whole shop and cleaned the mirror too, the windows from outside and then someone called me for some urgent reason so I had to stop cleaning the mirror. So I went to see why they'd called me. Five minutes later I came back and found that the mirror had fallen down and broken. How did it happen? You know, in Torino they are very superstitious, you know, Torino is a magical city. It's true, I can prove it 'cos I've lived here, because everything goes very well, you think everything is nice, but something will come up, you know, and you'll have to start again from the beginning because something gets spoiled. It's like the routine. So I thought, well, this mirror is broken, that means seven years of bad luck in the superstition, but maybe this mirror can give me seven years of luck. Because it reflected my shop. When I arrived back I found my shop upside-down, you know? Broken.. and there was the arc doubled.


I took this, 'cos I thought it might be photogenic. Like all the photographers are taking always something strange, but this is what I see from my kitchen window. Ah, I said, from my kitchen window I can see something photogenic.


I don't know. I can't remember. 'Accessories'... yes. this one I took sometime back... so, accessories, bijoux etc. ...and also for handicapped people, something like that. And you see these two eyes pointing out, you know. Accessories, look... you know. Wait, I got it. It's very improtant. It reminds me of a not very happy period that I spent in hospital. And in the hospital there was the same sign. Because of the wheelchairs. So I had a very terrible time in hospital and, when I saw this, it brought me back to those times. Because I have a mark on my leg, that brought me to the hospital for three weeks. It's actually very near to my place, in the office where I go to pay my rent.


This is the Balon (flea market). This is the piazza. We couldn't go up the street because someone was hurt, this is what has destroyed the market. here somebody ended up in the hospital. There was a fight...


...and afterwards this is how the Balon looked. Before, there was a lot of commotion, everybody wanted to help this guy who was beaten by ten others, then afterwards everyone evaporated.


This is an African restaurant in Porta Palazzo, in Corso Africa. It's run by a Nigerian. They make very hot food. This was the only time I went there, so I thought it was maybe gonna be a good picture. They let me take it, it was nice of them.


This is a new instrument that is being introduced in Torino, it's called a didgeridoo - well, it's new for Torino. It's becoming very very popular. This is my friend's stand. I put my stand here, too.


It's in the market and I tried to take the picture when there was a good day and I don't know for what reason. I saw these shapes, these long shadows. So I was taking the shapes you know. This is at the Balon.


Via Nizza. I took it because it was empty on a Saturday afternoon. It seemed like nothing was happening, it's like everybody has evaporated, because it's a very bad street anyway, not usually quiet like this. I took it because I always feel uncomfortable there. Because I've seen so many people I knew to be drawn there then saw them losing control of their lives.


This is my favourite bar, right in the corner at Corso Vittorio. And I took it because it presents la Mole Antonelliana. I took it because it shows that I don't need to go to the Mole, it's very near here. It's good to have everything around.


Yes. I don't know. Maybe because of the lights. This is the same bridge as before on Corso Dante. The lights were on, look at the lamp posts. It's the normal waste they are doing in Torino, without them knowing about it.


This is my door here. I have to go up all these stairs every day. This is why they tell me I'm so fit. Via Frugarolo. It looks like a calm place but here you can't see that almost every car has the window broken. Every weekend they break into cars.